Friday, December 17, 2010

Birch Trees Encased in Wax

This is the first time I've posted here at The Artist Babes, but I wanted you to see what I've been working on lately! 

This technique is century's old, there is nothing new. But this IS new, it's new to me. I've been thinking for years about painting with this golden glaze. I finally took the plunge and using my old candle making supplies from junior high, I melted wax in a double boiler (wait can you call an old Folgers coffee can a double boiler?), and with an old paint brush I began layering my birch trees with vintage sewing patterns. Creating an erethral space between each translucent layer.

 Encaustic painting as it's called, uses wax (traditionally bee's wax). It's been used to add texture and intrest, to encase a book page or a painting or when tinted used as paint.

This particular piece was done with melt and pour pellets from Walmart, I don't think century's ago they'd approve of using cheeeeap wax. But I thought I'd use it up before I upgraded to bees wax.

 And my brain has been a little dry lately, all of it used up for Spanish, work, family, home or holidays. So this evening of experimentation was just what I needed to feel refreshed and ready to take on all that this December has to offer.

Where has your creativity been lately? Are you crafting up a storm for the holidays?


Shannon said...

WOW!! This incredible. I wish you could come over and show me how to do it in person. I'm sooo happy you shared this with us. I appreciate you adding your energy to this space because it's been sitting still for a while. I want to see more!!

dora said...

That was a great post! It's nice to see what you've been working on. I myself have been too busy with my own blog, painting, and a new granddaughter to follow up here, but when I am free I will! Congrats!

who said...

nice linoleum! I lived in a house like that once. How old is that picture?