Sunday, November 30, 2008

regardez comme c'est beau...

allez voir...
d'une artiste qui s'appelle Delphine Cossais

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Turkey Day

Hello- I lost the link to the blog (I am definitely computer-challenged) and thanks to Shannon for resending it to me. I read all the latest posts and my hat is off to you all (with great admiration) that are balancing kids, homelife and art-making!

I don't have any kidlets- just nieces and nephews- but also struggle with the balance issue as I am on the road teaching a good part of the year and trying to find balance with my own art-making and keeping an ongoing vital, alive relationship with my husband Dan who is very supportive but left at home alot.

One of the things I am trying is to sacrifice a bit of sleep and get up earlier to have some alone time for myself that is dedicated to doing- even if only for a half an hour- something that I really want to do- that I usually back-burner in favor of things I think I should be doing.

I'll leave New Mexico soon to visit family in FL and then finally home sweet home for the holidays. I'm enjoying getting to know you all.
Happy Thanksgiving, Dayle

Monday, November 24, 2008

Go Gratitude!

As we approach Thanksgiving I am taking time to bring more gratitude into my life.  My sweet husband found this interesting website -  You can sign-up for a free newsletter and each day you'll receive a gratitude reminder.  It's wonderful and I'd like to share this excerpt with you about living in the NOW.

P.I.N.S. and Needles*

Remember the last time a hand or foot woke up?  Blood rushing, pins and needles.
Temporary, though none-the-less painful.

At this time, this is what happens with NOW awareness as it floods into our waking reality,
seeking ports for universal understanding, while naturally creating pressure at point of reception. Temporary, though none-the-less painful.

Below is a formula for moving thru moments of waking pains:
1) Practice patience
2) Inspire creativity
3) Nurture love
4) Show gratitude

"Needles" to say, this works as well as You.  Let feelings guide you through to find peace in this gathered wisdom.

*borrowed from

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Last Weekend of Fall

We go on family walks at least once a day.  Kestan was really interested in our shadows this particular afternoon stroll.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Nailed it

As usual, Shannon, you've exactly captured all the best of worst of being a Mom, the need to not lose yourself, and yet the reality of other people needing you and feeling such responsibility. All I can say is i've been there, and i guess there are no easy answers, or final answers. I find the answer, for me, is constantly changing. and that ambiguity is as tough to deal with as everything else. and yet, for now, it seems to work. knowing that this level of need from Frye (my son) won't last forever, nor will the flu. that tomorrow he may have two good naps and i'll get work done, or he won't and i won't. but that he might the next day.

after all i think all of life is a struggle for balance, just when you've got it something else comes along to knock you for a loop, but that's what its about right?

hang in there, and let me know when you figure it out so i can too.

which way to go....

Balance.  Isn't this the ultimate goal, yet dilemma, most of us face.  To be the wards of our own schedule, and time. Difficult to do when we have others in our household.  However, if you are aware of it, and carve out a slice each day, your spirit can be revived.  Some days we may get some real productive creating time, and other days, we may glance at our art room.   Your spirit is alive and thriving.  I think that's what being an artist is...we always need to create, but when time and responsibilities prohibit that, I'm grateful to know my mind is aware.

Which way to go?

I'm a bit out of balance at this moment and feel as though I'm being swallowed up by my household and mommy duties. Today, being Sunday, I tried to reserve a few hours for "me" time. Well, plans changed as both baby and hubby are down and out with the icky stomach virus going around. So "me" time became "take-care-of-the-things-that-are-driving-me-crazy-or-I'll-be-a-raging-
lunatic-by-the-end-of-the-week." This included laundry, dishes, making the grocery list, mopping the kitchen floor and the out the refrigerator. (All happening in between taking care of two sick boys- Can I just say "eeeww".) When did I become so domestic?

Luckily, I was able to fit in a little knitting, but what I really need most is a hot bubble bath and a glass of wine would be nice. Heck...even a 5 minute foot rub would do the trick.

When I'm feeling out of sorts I usually turn to two things: 1) stillness. (this can consist of a quiet walk, laying on the floor, trying to meditate) OR 2) reach out to others . I am...reaching out...wondering if you can help. I know that there's a lot more going on in my life than just this one day to make me feel out of balance. I know there are still some decisions I need to make in regards to balancing work, creative endeavors, mommy, wife and family stuff...There are things that must change or things I must let go of in order to regain some much needed, breathable space. I feel a crossroads coming on - a definite shift. I know there are still things that need to change in order for me to feel as though I'm living the life I've imagined. But as I sit here, in desperate need of a 24-hour nap, I ask myself:

"Then do it already...what are you waiting for?"
"What am I afraid of?"
"What is it you REALLY want in this life?"

As I sit and ponder my own deep-seated fears and insecurities...could ya help me out?

I'd like to know this: What do you do when you are confused and how do you push through your fears? to the tub.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Retreat in New Mexico

Hi Fellow Artist Babes. Thought I would check in here from beautiful New Mexico. Have been knuckling down and working on new pieces which I will share with you soonish. But here's a couple pics of what's inspiring me!

Moab Camp Site

This piece was inspired by a beautiful area in Moab, Utah.  I camped there in '07 with four of my dear women friends.

I used a variety of rich fabrics, textures and colors to create this small wall hanging.  

Friday, November 14, 2008

"Every flower is a soul blossoming in Nature." -Gerard de Nerval

Well, here it is - the stomping ground for artists, creativity lovers, wanna-live-freely peeps, believe-in-your-dream-dreamers, addicted to zumba dancers, and anyone else who loves meeting new, cool, like-minded people!

This community blog, The Artist Babes, is simply a place where we all share inspiration, celebrate the creative spirit, reflect on anything and everything, and where we tell OUR stories. Each of us has a story to share, a place in this world, a unique perspective on life and one thing that's clear to me - we all are part of the same universal energy.  We are all searching for the same things.  We all have the same fears, the same doubts, the same types of challenges, the same dreams.  And why experience all of THAT alone?

Let's connect.  Let's share.  Let's inspire.  Let's support each other to freely, be bold and most importantly...always, ALWAYS, be ourselves.

Thanks for visiting.  If you are interested in becoming a member - visit or email Shannon at