Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Flow Continues

Here I am with my first I-Phone. I have to say I am quite excited about it. This new handful of beautiful technology is such a great compliment to my huge desire to have a more flexible work schedule around Kestan. I can now check my email, send a tweet, update Facebook or do some research while on the go and it has totally opened my creative world!

I have been caught in a whirlwind of creative flow over the past few months. It has been quite exciting, challenging, scary, wonderful, real, overwhelming and happy. I have two more days at my job before I have the entire month of September off. I'm dedicating my work time towards the continued development of my first creative e-course. I've been blogging a little about it on my Free Spirit Knits.

(Speaking of e-courses...check out this upcoming Fiber Arts Telesummit led by a wonderful creativity coach, Eric Maisel.)
In the midst of all my personal creating I wanted to share with you my little artist. Kestan loves to paint and he's very serious about it. For those interested, check out a short video of him in action.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Don't Forget National Dog Day!

Stella's fun treat for National Dog Day! It's a cookie in the shape of board shorts
(perfect for the beach bum dog) decorated with pink and green icing.
She picked it out at Critter Beach ~ a local store!

Here is Stella getting Evie to chase her for a fun romp at the beach! Yay!

Tomorrow ~ Wed. Aug. 26th, is National Dog Day! It's an opportunity to acknowledge the priceless contribution dogs make to our lives and to remember and help those canines who aren't quite as lucky.

How will you celebrate and honor your pooch or pooches? Maybe a special trip to the park or a favorite treat?
Our dogs will definitely be voting for both! See some more ideas on my blog.

Our dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole! ~ Roger Caras

Hug A Dog!
~ Cindi

Monday, August 24, 2009

Summer of Intentions

This summer I had set some goals for myself to knit and design like a mad woman, to post on my blog like a mad woman, and to list items in my Etsy shop like a mad woman. Well..... life found its way into my mad intentions and many of my plans are still on the planning table. Today I realized that I could either get mad that my intentions fell short, or be grateful for the little things that did get accomplished and even more grateful that I had time to even dream about some of the things that I will one day get to! I decided to be grateful... and today I posted on my blog and this very blog, plus I listed on Etsy the first of many of my little knitted designs for Blythe dolls.... YIPPPEEEEE! THE PLANETS ALIGNED!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Hi All ~ wanted to share two of my photos. One is a photo I took of two beautiful hot pink flowers in my sister's garden. The other is the same photo, but altered on the computer.... something I am having more and more fun doing!

I recently attended a celebration of the life of an amazing woman who taught me art when I was a child. Her spirit was like no other. She was a fearless creator, filled with joy and passion and love. I will never forget her and she has inspired me to keep striving for the same fearless, carefree, trusting approach to creating artistic works and to creating my life! As I played with the image of the flowers on the computer, I realized... there were no mistakes!

Peace ~ Cindi Saadi